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13 September 2013

A Pair of Brown Eyes: Chapter 10


*WARNING: This chapter contains some mild adult situations. Also, some of the pictures look a little too washed-out (I'm still learning my way through GIMP).



Through the closed door, Andrew heard Claire's voice summoning someone in. He sighed heavily, since he had hoped for a quiet evening to finish the article he was writing for a medical magazine. So much for not having any more patients today.


He got up from his chair to meet Claire and the stranger, who were just then entering the office area, half way accross the room.

"What can I do for you, madam...," he stopped mid-sentence, suddenly at a loss for words, as if he had seen a ghost. His eyes were deceiving him, no doubt.


"Madam? Is that how you're going to greet me, Andrew?"

"Olivia? Is it really you?" She hadn't changed one bit, time had treated her well. She was as breathtaking as usual, with her shiny, bright red hair and sparkling blue eyes, but there was something in her appearance, some icy dignity about her that Andrew had not noticed before.

"What are you doing here?" he asked her coldly.

She gave him a lopsided smile as she answered him. "Apparently I'm happier to see you than you me." She continued, leaning forward slightly.

"How happy should I be after all these years?" he heard his own voice rising.

Then it occurred to him... Claire!


She was still there, her eyes dancing between him and Olivia, obviously not understanding what was going on, and there he was, just about to make a fool of himself in front of her. He cleared his throat... "Ummm, Mrs. Parker, would you mind going to the post office to see if our last order of medicines has already arrived?"

Claire hesitated a little, but finally nodded, and she left the room in one single movement, with her usual quiet efficiency.


"Well, well..., I didn't know you had taken a nurse." Olivia replied in a tone much sweeter than Andrew would have wanted. "She is so young, and very pretty, don't you think?"

He remembered that tone but too well, she was trying to provoke him. "That's none of your business," was the only reply he offered. "And you have yet to answer my question."

"I've been travelling all around the world with my sister and brother in law. We've gone to many differet places, wherever his work as a diplomat would lead us. I've only come back a few weeks ago." She sighed as she arched one eyebrow. "This town reminds me so much of you, I've been thinking a lot about you since I came.""

"You left me, for heaven's sake! and then here you are, after so many years, and just tell me that you want to see me again? That you've been thinking about me?" Andrew was fuming.



Andrew watched Olivia as she approached him to the bench on which he was waiting for her. It never ceased to amaze him how beautiful her body looked when she walked, her arms gracefully encircling her slender waist as they marched to the rhythm of each step. Her skirt was fluttering by the soft, cold breeze, making her already perfect shape stand out even more.


He got up from his seat, meaning to kiss her, but she wouldn't allow it, as he soon found out when she stepped back. He eyed her suspiciously at this sudden coldness, and was met by her deep blue eyes looking at him squarely, an unfathomable expression across her face. Then she spoke.


"Andrew, I don't know how to tell you this, but... I don't think I can ever be a doctor's wife."


"Are we back to this again? I thought you had already come to terms with this." He was getting tired of this old topic. As much as he loved her, he couldn't understand why she despised his chosen profession so much.

"I honestly thought you'd eventually grow tired of it. Why are you still so intent in pursuing this for a career? Why don't you talk to father? You know he's willing to offer you a comfortable position in his company..."

Andrew felt his anger building up "And work behind a desk at your father's orders all my life!? Is that what you want!?

She said nothing. There was something more to her behaviour, Andrew could tell.


"Is there another man? Is that why you don't want to marry me?"

This time, Andrew took her silence as a hint that there was some truth in his inquiry. He had to know the truth. "Is there?"

Olivia brought a hand to her mouth, and turned her head, averting his scrutinous glance. "No..., yes..., well, Mark has let his intention of wooing me be known to my father."

Andrew couldn't believe this. He was enraged now. "And has your father agreed to that, knowing that we are engaged?"

"Well, not exactly, but you know how he's planning on handing over the business to him in a few years, and..."


"And your marriage to papa's little doggy will suit everyone involved, apparently!" Andrew bitterly snorted.

"Andrew, I love you. I never said I'd marry him..." If she was trying to soothe him by her words, she was miserably failing.

"But you will unless I take his place at the company." Andrew was again met by her silence "Olivia, you know I can't do that. I love my job, and I'm making good money out of it. I have a nice house I can call my home, and someday I will start my own clinic. You should respect me for that, I am my own man! And you're telling me instead that that's not good enough for you? Don't you think I can provide for a wife?"


"I know you can, but, I'm afraid you and I want different things in life. If you won't give up on your job, I guess this is it, then."

"Come on. We also shared very good moments. Don't you remembered them?" Olivia's suggestive voice brought Andrew back to the present.


He knew what she was referring to and had to agree to that, they had been a very passionate couple once, but he now understood that had only been a boyish attraction.



Today her skin was as soft as always. Andrew could never get enough of that sensation against his skin. Caressing her exquisite body had become second nature to him and he already knew the places his touch affected her the most. Her neck was one of those places, he thought as he pressed his lips against that sensitive spot. She reacted as expected, and Andrew could sense Olivia's body tense as she sighed approvingly. However, the half-hearted smile that spread across her lips imediately afterwards told Andrew that she was distracted.


Andrew needed a good diversion to get her in the right mood, so he swifly turned her around and grabbed her by her behind so he could fully kiss her.


After a while of heavy kissing, he gently placed her on the bed and took his pants off. He positioned himself on top of her and began licking her neck, while reaching for the straps that held her corset together. Now she was responding with her whole body, as Andrew could guess by the soft moans that escaped her lips as her hold on his back tightened.


Then, suddenly, a noise was heard downstairs, startling them both. Andrew was annoyed by the interruption and chose to dismiss it, blaming it on the wind blowing outside. But after a while the same noise was heard again, only this time more forceful. He could no longer be persuaded it was the wind, it sounded more like someone... yes, someone was knocking on the door!


Whoever was at the door had no intention of going away, so Andrew jumped out of bed and grabbed his pants to put them back on.

"Where are you going?" Olivia asked him in a high-pitched voice she only used when she was denied what she wanted.


She also got up from bed. "You're not planning on leaving me like this, are you?" And accompanied her question by a movement of the arm which she knew made her look irresistible. Good! So it had taken him a lot of effort to break the barrier she had created a while ago, and now she was complaining?

"It could be a matter of some urgency." Andrew glared at her, before leaving the room.



Just as he was closing the door behind his unexpected visitor, Andrew could she Olivia tentatively coming downstairs, after making sure the door was properly locked. Andrew knew she would never let anyone see her coming from a man's bedroom, even if he was her own fiancé's.

"There's been an accident!" He informed her.


She gasped. "Oh, how sad. What happened?"

"I don't know yet. Quick, grab your coat and let's go, they are going to need all the help they can get."

"Really, Andrew, they will not need my help." She shrugged her shoulders, nonchalantly. "And I'm sure there's no place for you there either. After all, you're not even a doctor yet."

"So what? I'm as close to that as you can get in the whole neighbourhood." He was losing his temper. "Are you coming with me or not?"


"I think I'll wait for you here. There will surely be blood, and you know I can't stand the sight of it. And I can't leave without having my hair done first."

Was she serious? It bothered Andrew to hear the woman he loved talking such childish nonsense. He had had enough of her for today. There was no reasoning with her when she was in one of those moods. He pursed his lips in an effort not to start an argument, and run for the street without looking back.


"I've changed, Andrew. I am no longer that snobbish, shallow girl I once was. I'm a grown woman now, and so much the wiser." Her voice changed then, ever so slightly. "I never married Mark, Andrew. I never married anyone, in fact."

"Didn't you? He was genuinely shocked to hear that.


"No." She plainly replied, and with that she took a step further in his direction. He didn't move. "You have no idea how many times I've regretted turning you down. Mark was no match for you."

He could feel how her tempting lips were luring him to her as she spoke. He had to do something to break her spell. But, did he want to? She seemed sincere in her assertion; perhaps he could give her the benefit of the doubt, after all.

She kept moving towards him, until she could advance no more, and her hands landed on his chest. He instinctively grabbed her by the shoulders, his lips at mere inches from hers.


But then, the door opened and in came Claire. Oh, no! Andrew had completely forgotten she would be back.


Those deep brown eyes that so much intrigued him were filled with a sparkle he had never seen in her before. Was it embarrasment that he saw there? Hurt? Jealousy? There was probably a whole myriad of emotions running through her mind, all of them featured by her countenance. Without uttering a word, she turned over her heels and was gone as promptly as she had entered. It was then that he knew -the very moment he had been caught in the arms of another woman- and suddenly he felt like the most stupid man alive.

He would never want any other woman but her. Any other woman but Claire.


He briskly freed himself from Olivia's grasp and hurried towards Claire. "Mrs. Parker, wait, please! Claire!"

Chapter 11
Chapter 09


Author's note: Well, I think I've got over my writer's block (for the time being, at least). It wasn't that bad in the end once my mind started cooperating, sort of. Well, that is if you can bear a chapter full of awkward interruptions, Andrew being pissed off most of the time, and some seriously trashy paragraphs. LOL!

I'd suggest you keep in mind this chapter, as it will explain some of Andrew's future behaviour.

Oh, and don't make too much of the accident in the last flashback. It was just my excuse for showing Olivia at her best worst.


  1. wow so we see a bit of Andrew's past. Olivia would have never been happy with him and in turn would have made him unhappy. It sucks that Claire walked in to see him almost kiss that woman.

    I love the picture of her face then the close up you did with her eyes. That was great.

    Woot for getting over your writers block!!!! I know the stress of wanting to write, but nothing coming forth. :(

    I can only guess what she might be thinking giving her own history. It will be an interesting and awkward conversation between those two.

    1. Yes, they would have made an unfortunate match, no doubt. It really sucks, who knows what Claire must be thinkings right now? ;-)

      Awww, thank you very much, it took me quite a while to edit that one, so I'm glad it turned out well :-D.

      It was hard getting over it, thanks for your kind words. I knew this was an "important" chapters, and had way too many ideas about it, so the most difficult part was focusing on just a few of them, and then writing them the way I wanted them to come out, and then fretting over what I had just written and erasing it... rinse and repeat! *rolls eyes*

      Most definitely, I will be addressing that in the next update.

      Thanks for reading!

    2. Oops, it was "chapter", not "chapters".

    3. ha your process sounds like mine. LOL I struggle and fret and add then delete. It's terrible but when you want to get those kinds of chapters 'just right' you (I) tend to stress more. I'm dealing with it now for chapter 44.

    4. It's kind of comforting to know I'm not the only one, then LOL. I wish you luck with your share *hugs*.

  2. -___- I dislike people like Olivia. Haha. I don't believe her that she's changed. The other guy probably got sick of her stupid behavior and dumped her. LOL! Not to say having her in the story isn't good because it is. Every story needs some drama, and people with personalities like Olivia are really good about causing drama.
    Poor Andrew. That was really bad timing and I wonder what Claire will say or do when he catches up to her. O_O
    That's awesome that you got over your writer's block. =)

    1. I know what you mean, I completely agree. She's obviously not the most likeable of women, but she's great about triggering some good drama. Besides, part of who Andrew is NOW is a consequence of his previous relationship with her, so she's an important character in that respect too.

      Many things can happen now, don't you think? Hopefully, everything will be explained in next chapter ;-).

      Thank you for reading and for your kind words :-).

  3. Olivia! That Olivia! Uh oh! Wow... so she wanted him to quit being a doctor? What a selfish request and a foolish one! Here I was always told the ladies love doctors :/ was I...was I Mislead?!

    Any ways it looks like the damage is done. Anyone but Claire is right! She's already hmmm on edge with men and to see the one guy she seemed to want to put her trust in almost kiss this Olivia girl...

    Even though you had writers block it was still muy bueno!

    1. Yes, THAT Olivia, the very same! I don't think you were mislead though, she's just too superficial to see that. She must think that being surrounded by the sick and wounded is gross and not fashionable at all, well..., yes, she's that hollow. *rolls eyes*

      That must have been quite a shock for Claire, right?

      ¿Muy bueno? Hehe, cool!:-) Thank you for reading and commenting.

  4. Oh wow, Olivia is really... Something.

    I hope Andrew can win Claire back!

    Also, your paragraphs weren't trashy! And that's coming from someone who doesn't really like romance ;)
    There was a lot of emotion here! You came back from your block with a bang for sure! :D Hope you stay.. unblocked? and look forward to another chapter soon. I can't wait to see what Claire and Andrew have to say!

    1. Well..., she's a force to be reckoned with ;-).

      I hope so too ;-).

      Awww, thanks, you're too nice! :-) But... I sometimes fear I don't know where I got myself into, because I know I'll have to write some more love scenes, and... descriptions is not something I'm good at *rolls eyes*. LOL

      As for the blocking/unblocking part... I'm getting there, I guess.

      Thank you for reading and for your kind words :-).

  5. I love Olivia's hair color. Olivia herself doesn't seem like much of a prize, though. It's surprising that he'd consider marrying her (in the past) with her attitude toward his profession. He doesn't seem like a man who would be swept away by her snobby attitudes. Really. Fix her hair to go help at the scene of an accident? Not very compassionate, that.

    We know this situation has clarified some things in the doctor's mind, but what does Claire's response mean?

    1. I love it too, in fact, when I was a little girl I had a secret wish to become a redhead (unfortunately, my hair is of a much darker shade). Yes, you're right. NOW he wouldn't fall for such a woman, but... you know... he was young then... maybe he wasn't thinking with his brain? ;-) She's not compassionate, that's for sure.

      I'm actually working on that part, I just hope it won't disappoint.

      Thanks for reading and commenting :-)

  6. Hmmmm I wonder what Olivia really wants. I doubt that she walked into the clinic accidentally, so she must be up to something...
    I think I am with LateNight here. Most likely she somehow managed to drive all possible suitors away and now feels that she needs to lower herself and go for second, or ever third best and marry the doctor after all.
    I sincerely hope she fails miserably *lol*

    1. With such a character, one can never tell what she is up to. Perhaps she's after a husband, after all -she's not getting any younger, anyway, and might not like the idea of becoming an old spinster ;-).

      I hope so too ;-).

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

  7. So the ex comes back from the picture. Dun dun dunnn! I'm not surprised at all that Olivia came back. She never really supported Andrew's dreams of becoming a doctor and now that he actually made it, the grass looks greener on the other side. Especially when he kind of left her hanging after the last time they had sex. She seems like a typical spoiled rich girl who gets what she wants.

    Andrew still has unresolved feelings for Olivia and if he wants something with Claire in the future, he needs to deal with them first. Otherwise, he will find himself in an uncompromising position like he did just now. I understand that Claire has feelings for him but they're not together. Her feelings are hurt, yes, but they work together. Andrew is free to do what he wants and I hope Claire won't resent him because of her negative experiences with men.

    1. She looks like the gold-digger type, right? ;-) She's actually very spoiled, and now that he has made a name for himself, being a doctor's wife is not as unpalatable to her as it was before.

      Yes, well, he has already resolved them in a way, by "comparing" both women. But, you're right, he needs some time to let his feelings sink in, or he might start acting erratically, if I'm making any sense at all. They're not an item, that's obvious, so he has no real need to apologise for his actions, but well, you know how these things go... We will (hopefully) see where they go from here in the next update.

      As for their working together, you just hit home there, I'm having a bit of a problem dealing with that. Because, I'm rather inclined to think that making such a fuss over getting romantically involved with a co-worker is more of a modern concept, and it's giving me a headache trying to figure out how people in the late Victorian era would have approached this. Anyway, never mind this last paragraph, LOL, you just gave me the perfect excuse to rant for a while ;-).

      Thanks for reading, I always enjoy reading your comments.

  8. Run Andrew! Go get her!

    I had to say that part. Other than that, great chapter! So many mixed emotions going on. Hm, maybe Olivia is the catalyst that brings him and Claire together. Hehe, bet she didn't plan on that!

    1. Yes, go, go! ;-)

      Thanks, it was a rather difficult chapter to write, well, not "difficult" in the sense Chapter 09 was, but... you know what I mean, a lot was going on in their minds. And I'm just beginning, oh well... I'm kind of freaking out now :-P. Hmmm, Olivia being a catalyst... I like that! I bet she wasn't planning on that AT ALL! LOL ;-)

      Also, I finally got to use one of your poses :-D.

      Thanks for reading, I loved your comment.

  9. Oh, poor Andrew! And poor Claire. With her trust issues, she's going to have difficulties accepting anything Andrew has to say, I think.
    I hope he can convince her that she's the one. =D

  10. No, poor ME, actually! I have to write both their parts for next chapter, and the whole thing is driving me insane, LOL. Anyway, we'll see whether Claire is anywhere ready to accept Andrew's words or not. I too hope he can convincer her, though :-D.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

  11. Ick. Olivia is an icy b... yeah. She's pretty awful. So what exactly happened to Mark then? If all she's after is money and a cushy life why come running back to the doctor?

    And Run Andrew! Get her! Poor Claire! She's just now seeing that there are differences and love can exist and she has to see that. Grrrrrr! And yet I have a feeling that Olivia isn't going to be deterred from the handsome doctor any time soon.

    1. Yes, she is. I take it she's very much *loved* around here LOL. The Mark thing... I might delve deeper into that at some point, but, for the time being... let's just say she didn't like him very much (believe it or not, somewhere deep within her, she DOES have feelings).

      Yes, run, Andrew, run!

      You'll get the answers to (some of) your questions in a day or two (hopefully) ;-).

      Thank you for reading.

  12. Perfect timing for Olivia to appear.... now she can disappear! She is one lady that I don't think Claire needs to see or know about or deal with at this time.... Olivia's decision to end her relationship with Andrew was the best she could have done for him it certainly seems... she seems a selfish person...

    1. I have nothing to add to what you already said LOL! Olivia is rather selfish, and Andrew is much better off without her.

      Thank you for reading.

  13. I love this new development. Olivia seems like such a deliciously devious character to write. I can't wait to see what mischief she brings into the story. And judging from the way Claire stormed out of the room, I would say Olivia's already started making waves. Man, I don't know how Andrew's going to explain this to Claire, does he even have to considering they are just colleagues (who happen to have this inexplicable attraction to each other)? I don't know, I don't think Claire has a right to feel jealous at this stage, or even storm off.

    1. Oh, she is! In fact I was prepared to hate her wholeheartedly, but at the end I simply couldn't. It's really fun and interesting trying to find some shadow of an emotion in such a rather shallow and superficial character (in a weird, twisted kind of way, I've even started warming up to her LOL). And yeah, sure, Andrew doesn't have to explain his behaviour to Claire, but the question is, does he want to? ;-) And yes again, Claire technically has no right to feel jealous, but when has one technicality stopped one's heart from feeling? ;-)

      Thank you for reading, I loved your comment.

  14. Run, Andrew, run! You've got some explaining to do, and you don't want to give Claire too much time to think about what she just saw. Looking forward to seeing more of the romantic side of Andrew ... with Claire, of course. It's wasted on someone as cold as Olivia.

    1. No, he doesn't want that, does he? Sure, his love would go wasted on the likes of Olivia: she may have changed, but not THAT much ;-)

      Thanks for reading and commenting :-D.

  15. Andrew marry me!!!! Hahahaha
    I hope he can make up with Claire. I was going to stop here for today but Im reading the next one... I was thinking you introduced the new character at the best time.

    1. Hahahaha.
      Awww, thank you so much for your feedback, I just thought they both needed a catalyst at this point of the story, and that's how Olivia came into existence ;-).

  16. Poor Andrew what a fool women can make of men. He should never have let Olivia use her charms to lure him even for a second. Now I don't know what Claire will do. I hope she don't give up on him.

    1. No, he should never have let Olivia do that to him, but, you know, old habits die hard... *rolls eyes* LOL

      Thanks for reading.

  17. Well, isn't Olivia a little temptress? Andrew almost had a moment of weakness before he got some sense knocked into him. Poor Claire. . .who knows what she's thinking right now. I agree with most everyone though. . .Run Andrew! Run!

    1. Hehe, oh, she is! ...or was! ...or is! And, you know, when men stop thinking... hmmm... *ahem*... Luckily, though, Andrew is much wiser now than he was back then.

      And I LOVE how you people keep cheering him to go after Claire. "C'mon, Andrew! Run! Haven't you heard?" ;-P

  18. I've been reinstalling my Sims 3 today, so I have been reading since morning! This is a fantastic story, and all of it is so well thought out. I love Claire as the main character, and you can almost feel how she feels during the story. Thank you so much for this, I will be following.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. This story is not always easy to write, so it's very encouraging to know that people are liking it :-D.

  19. A couple of chapters ago, I manifested my desire to learn more about Olivia... and here she is!

    From her brief appearance by Andrew's side at the funeral, I imagined she must be quite a loyal companion to him, one on whom he could rely and find support. But apparently, not quite so.

    Because you write very thoughtfully, Marta, both sides of their relationship seem very credible. I can understand Andrew's frustration when Olivia does not value his work and career and independency, and cares more about her hair than about victims of an accident. But why should she, when she seems to have been brought up as a princess? She seems very reasonable when she says she can´t be "a doctor's wife". Specially when Andrew abandons her like that, in the midst of their love making. That's a very hard blow on a young woman's love and passion, I think. It also tells about his main commitment -- to his work, his mission. Olivia would have to cope with being second to his career, and why should she?

    In that sense, Claire is a better, even a perfect match for our doctor.

    I have also enjoyed seeing two sides of him -- very rational when it comes to interrupting the love making to check it there is an emergency, but on the other hand, fuming about Olivia and Mark. It has made his character broader and deeper.

    I do enjoy your illustrations, specially when you join a couple of them in a composee... And those who show the characters below the waist or just some detail of them... Classy!

    1. Andrew and Olivia were definitely not meant to be together, they would have made each other very miserable. Surprisingly, I didn't found myself hating Olivia as much as I had thought, and in the end I could even understand her point of view, to some extent. But of course, no one with a fair amount of conscience would resent their lover for going to tend to an emergency. Claire is indeed a much better match for Andrew.

      Oh, yes, Andrew has many sides to him; one thing I didn't want was for him to be flat. Glad you appreciate it :-).

      Thank you so much for reading and for your lovely comment.